Keris kris krissen mendak selut pendok ukiran 


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 keris java madura 













nr 1171

nette oude Solo keris

ruim 50 cm totaal

messing pendok

kling past perfect in schede

pamor kling

prijs/price 60 €













nr 124 

Madurese keris kris, volgens onderstaande veilingomschrijving


Keris Madura Sumenep with 19th century blade.

Length of the blade, including ‘Pesi’ (tang of the blade): 43 cm. (1x)

The Keris with a hand forged ‘3 Luk’ waved Wilah (blade), consists of Pamor steel forged in different layers of iron (pattern type: ‘Beras Wutah Wengkon’). Dapur in ‘Jangkung’ (= Elephant trunk shape). Small copper gilded Mendak (cuff) with ‘Untu Walang’ (=grasshopper teeth) between the blade and the hilt. Ukiran (Keris hilt) in ‘Lotus’ shape, and made from carved Teak wood. Warangka (sheath) of ‘Udang Sumenep’ type, in Madura style and in the shape of a bird with floral decoration. Warangka and Gandar (body) patiently carved by hand from Teak wood.


prijs/price 100 €